"Oh, wow--that totally rocks!
Thanks a million. You've saved me an incredible amount of work."

Mon Ful Ir, Aug 29 2008

"So I checked out the XSLT converter and my goodness: this is an amazing piece of work!
It's fantastic that you can convert DUNGEON.DAT into XML because this info can be used by anyone now (well, anyone who knows how to use XML files).
Excellent work!"

Gambit, Feb 13 2008

"Greatstone's work looks interesting."
Paul Stevens, Feb 14, 2008

i'm gathering info enough to render complete dungeon viewport (DM snes style) in some ways: (i) using sck (swoosh construction kit) to extract viewport information. it includes decoder for "558 item", very excellent!
Kentaro, Mar 11 2007


Even if the sck tool can be used as a command-line tool, there is a basic graphical user interface.

Initial window Dungeon menu
Dungeon extraction window Dungeon extraction result as HTML
Graphics extraction result as HTML Savegame extraction result as HTML
Portraits extraction window Portraits extraction result as HTML
Hints extraction window Hints extraction result as HTML
Animation menu Play Animation
Dungeon crawler window Play Dungeon crawler

The sck viewer command allows also to visually play any DM/CSB/DM2 animations.


Representative extracted data have been selected.

Representative extracted data

[0004] Interface - Main Menu Screen (English) [0005] Interface - Credits [0026] Interface - Champions' Portraits [0046] Items Graphics 4 (32 Items)
[0048] Items And Body Parts Graphics 6 (32 Items) [0587] Creature 00 (Attack) (Giant Scorpion) [0624] Creature 13 (Side) (Couatl) [0693] Sound 20 (Attack (Giggler))
[0011] FTL Logo [0006] Main palette [0006] Image insert disk (en_fr_ge) [0002] Language choice (fr en ge)
[0001] Hint Oracle Screen [Portrait] HISSSSA [0031] Introduction Image 1 [0035] Introduction Image 5
[0075] Credits [153579] Inventory screen with open chest (H and A Missing!) [200874] Introduction - Dragon [201576] Palettes for circles palette animation in introduction (Items 204451-205263)
[999457] Creature 24 (Attack) (Red Dragon) [999667] Level 00 Map [999694] Dungeon Entrance - Corridor [0023] CSB Story Animation
[2412] DM2 Story Animation