"Oh, wow--that totally rocks!
Thanks a million. You've saved me an incredible amount of work."

Mon Ful Ir, Aug 29 2008

"So I checked out the XSLT converter and my goodness: this is an amazing piece of work!
It's fantastic that you can convert DUNGEON.DAT into XML because this info can be used by anyone now (well, anyone who knows how to use XML files).
Excellent work!"

Gambit, Feb 13 2008

"Greatstone's work looks interesting."
Paul Stevens, Feb 14, 2008

i'm gathering info enough to render complete dungeon viewport (DM snes style) in some ways: (i) using sck (swoosh construction kit) to extract viewport information. it includes decoder for "558 item", very excellent!
Kentaro, Mar 11 2007

sck tool and extra pack

Please, consult the tutorial on this site to understand how to launch the sck.
Basically, you can begin the trip by using the GUI: java -jar sck.jar
The sckExtraPack is an add-on to the sck only to be able to have "web" versions of the extracted items.
In the releases of the sck >= 1.5, the SckExtraPack is bundled directly with the sck.
There is a simple README in the sckExtraPack zip file to begin to play with it.
Note that all items displayed in the Games section of this site have been generated and converted to the web using sck and the sckExtraPack.

Release notes
sck and extra pack1.5.1@20110502.03320 KB
sck1.4.4@20101129.0952 KB
sckExtraPack2.6@20101129.0764 KB
sck1.3@20100308.0952 KB
sckExtraPack2.5@20100308.0764 KB
sck1.2@20081028.0949 KB
sckExtraPack2.4@20081028.0758 KB
sck1.0@20080406.0784 KB
sckExtraPack2.3@20080406.0716 KB
sckExtraPack2.2@20080324.0716 KB
sck1.0@20080321.0760 KB
sckExtraPack2.1@20080321.0597 KB
sck0.9@20080320.0755 KB
sckExtraPack2.0@20080203.0593 KB
sck0.8@20070310.0728 KB
sckExtraPack1.0@20070317.093 KB
sck0.7@20060705.0679 KB
sck0.7@20060402.0635 KB
sck0.6@20060108.0577 KB
sck0.6@20051218.0448 KB
sck0.5@20051123.0439 KB